"The Party Band of the South"

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Current band

Shawn McElrath

Sax, Bass, Flute & Vocals

Shawn is the oldest son of the founder of the band, John McElrath.  Shawn has been on stage with the Medallions since 1983.  Shawn graduated from Lander University and  resides in Greenwood, SC.   He also plays with the Lander Jazz Ensemble and the Double Shot Gang. 

Shane McElrath

Keys, Alto-sax, guitar, & Vocals
Shane is the youngest son of the founding father of the band, John McElrath. Shane has been on stage with the Medallions since 1986. With Shawn, Shane keeps the band going by ushering in the second generation of the band. Shane resides in Greenwood, SC and has one son. 

Josh Snelling

Trumpet & Vocals

Josh has been playing trumpet for 22 years and singing since high school. He has been with the band for 14 years. He is married and he and his wife, Laura, reside in Greenwood, SC. They together have two boys. Josh is also on the  set up and tear down team for the band. He joined the band in the fall of 2006, while a student at Lander University. 

Paul Perkins

Drums & Vocals

Paul has been in the music business since 1966, starting with his first band ROCKS. In 1969, Paul joined the Medallions and left in 1971. From there, Paul played in Atlanta from 71-80 with Shotgun before returning to Greenwood and joining Kinfolk . He then had the opportunity to play as the house band at Bowery in 1986. In Myrtle Beach he joined Slewfoot (1986-2001), where they cut a record hitting the Billboard Charts. Paul left the music business from then and joined back with the Medallions in 2014. Paul is married and resides in Ninety Six, SC. He and his wife, Charlene, have a combined two daughters and 3 sons with 8 grandchildren.

john smith buchan

trumpet, trombone, bass, & vocals

 John Smith is the nephew of the founding father of the band, John McElrath. He began his band career by working crew the summer of 2007. John Smith then returned to the band in 2009-2011, where he worked his way from crew to on stage as a front man for the band. John Smith left the band for four years and returned in the summer of 2015. He is also on the setup and tear down team for the band. During his times with the band, he founded his own band, Way Past Midnight. John Smith currently resides in Greenwood, SC.

Chris crowe

baritone sax & vocals
Chris, born in Guam, grew up in Easley, SC.  He moved to Greenwood, SC in 1993 to attend Lander University. While at Lander, Chris would start his Medallion career in 1996 and be a member of the band until 2003. After resigning from the band, Chris opened his own company, American Refinishing. Chris rejoined the band in 2011. He now resides in Greenwood with his wife and three kids. 

Richard Loper

Trumpet & Vocals

Richard, from Laurens, SC, has been a musician all his life. He joined the Medallions while attending Lander University in 1986. He stayed with the band until 2002 where he took time off to raise his daughter, Addison. In 2017, Richard left his car salesman job and rejoined the band. He currently resides in Greenwood, SC.

Ronnie Goldman (R.G.)

Guitar & Bass

Ronnie has been with the band off and on for the past 45 years. He rejoined the band in 2019. Currently residing in Greenwood, Ronnie is the father of one son and a daughter, and late daughter Michael Katherine Goldman. He was a founding member of Kinfolk Band, Fabulous Expression, and Shag Attack. Ronnie has also played with the likes of Percy Sledge, in the late 70's.

JOe Morris

Vocals & Hype man

Joe Morris, from Ninety-Six, SC, is one of the co-founding members of the Medallions. He and a couple other originals started as the Emeralds, later changing the name to Medallions, and then finally to the Swingin' Medallions. Joe was the drummer all through the 60’s and played the skins on “Double Shot".  Since its inception, Joe has been one of the band’s biggest advocates and as Hack Bartley used to say about Joe, “his blood runs Medallion blue”.  Joe currently resides in Pawleys Island, SC, and makes it to as many shows as he can.